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It's been a while!

HIIIIII!! It's been a while since I last posted here. My last post was September 2014, it's been almost 2 years. haha. Hmmm, what should I write in here? I don't have any idea though. So uhm, well, I've been quite busy with personal life but I always find time to fangirl (my fb friends probably know that lol). I just can't leave this wonderful fandom I'm in. "There's no exit in this world" LOL. BUUUUUT, probably a few months from now, I may go on an indefinite hiatus because of some stuff (only a few people know the reason why). haha. ☺☺☺

I'm sooooo excited for Hey! Say! JUMP's upcoming album, DEAR. The PV for Masquerade is kinda adult-ish, not the typical cutesy JUMP, which made me happy haha. It's about time that they do something like that haha. Recently, Kei's been so busy with all his projects (dramas, mezamashi tv, meringue no kimochi, peach girl etc). I wonder if he's been healthy. lol.

SEND HELP! I'm currently in Yamazaki Kento's lane haha. I actually liked him for a few years now. Blame how addicted I was to 'Another'. I watched the anime several times and the liveaction introduced me to him, a few years back. lol. He's gaining a lot of attention now, since he did a lot of roles from popular shoujo mangas turned to liveaction movies. It's kinda weird that ,as of now, he's the only actor I get a lot of feels from, not that I'm complaining hahahaha. I've been thinking if I could also get the same level of feels when I watch Kei on Peach Girl a few months (maybe a year lol) from now. ☺☺☺

BUT, JUMP is still my number one. Yappari, Hey! Say! JUMP ga nanba waaaaan! lol. This is just a nonsense post haha. Jaaaaaaa~
A lot of fans already posted their romaji lyrics for Weekender, but I still posted mine because IDK.
I made this romaji lyrics from Weekender single scan, so it's pretty much.... accurate.

Funky NightCollapse )

PS: Kei's hair is brown. I can't even ♥ ♥ ♥
PPS: Hell Week next week, so will be busy desu. ganbarimasu!


Happy 24th Birthday, Kei Inoo!

It's my ichiban's birthday today! ♥


Otanjoubi Omedetou, Inoo Kei!Collapse )
I made this romaji lyrics from the ItaKiss OST scan, so it's pretty much accurate.
アップデート~ Sabão
itsuka todokimasu you niCollapse )